Hello, I'm JIA HAO

I'm a multidisciplinary product designer seeking to empower people with meaningful, thoughtful, and delightful designs. I'm fueled by beautiful visuals, novel problems, and daydreams,

and by no coincidence, I love travels and photography in my spare time  :D

UX Design Projects


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Mobile App Design, AR, Training

Distat is a training app that accelerates learning of physical objects using AR technologies.

My Role:

Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, UI Design, & Usability Testing


Web App, Data Visualization,

IoT, B2B

PI Vision is a real-time data visualization application. Symbol Multi-stating is an essential feature in it, which facilitates monitoring dynamic data by turning objects (symbols) into visual alarms.

My Role:

Interaction Design, Usability Testing,

& Affinity Diagramming Workshop


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iOS Mobile App Design,

Productivity, Personal Care,


Magic Planter is a concept-driven mobile app aiming to leverage visual persuasion and gamification to help people cultivate desired behaviors.

(This is a personal project)

My Role:

Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, UI Design, & Usability Testing

(Illustration Credits:

Jerico Santander, Erwin Kho, George Stoyanov)


Windows App Design,

B2B, File Management

The Display Migration Tool converts the files/displays of OSIsoft’s old-generation data visualization software to the format of a new application (PI Vision) and stores the new displays on the PI Vision server with proper permission settings. It also informs users of the migration capabilities of each file.

My Role:

Interaction Design, Usability Testing, UI/Visual Design, & Affinity Diagramming Workshop




Web App, Data Visualization (real-time),

Data Analysis, IoT, B2B

This is a collection of my design work samples for two real-time data visualization platforms. It includes features like navigation, search, and advanced configurations for visualization and data analysis, etc. in the enterprise IoT problem space. 

My Role:

Interaction Design, UI Design (Occasional), Usability Testing

Web Design, E-Commerce,

Travel (Flight-Booking)

Pan Am is an airline website strives for providing a streamlined flight-booking experience and incorporating emergent technologies to enhance the customer experience.

(This is a fictitious project I used to practice translating and refreshing an old brand.)

perspective demo 2.2.jpg

My Role:

Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, UI Design, & Usability Testing

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My Role:

Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Logo Design, UI Design, & Usability Testing

ZEIT is a time travel website that promotes and sells travel packages to different times and locations throughout the world.


(This is a fictitious project.)

Responsive Web Design,

E-Commerce, Travel


3D & Motion Design


About Me

Hello! I’m Jia. I’m a multidisciplinary Product/UX+UI Designer with a background in Digital Media Art & Technology and Media Studies. Prior to UX, I had been fortunate enough to explore a variety of fields, including Computer Programming, 2D & 3D Animation, Video Production, Visual Design, and Photography.


Fascinated by the possibilities at the intersection between art and technology, I finally plunged into the tech world and focused on product design. It’s amazing to find that my past skills and knowledge have translated well into my new pursuit and is continuously inspiring me to think thoroughly and creatively along the journey.

I started my tech journey by working as a Front-end Developer and a UX Champion. Getting deeply obsessed with design, I transitioned into a UX Designer role to concentrate on solving complex design challenges in enterprise products and delivering an engaging user experience.


As both a creative and analytical person, I enjoy employing a full user-centered design process in my work, from research to interaction design, prototyping, UI & visual design, user testing, and iteration. I hold my design work to high standards but also know when to put away my perfectionism and focus on the most essential tasks to move projects forward in an agile environment.

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